Strategic Sourcing

Contract Manufacturing

Partnering with Linkeight allows you to easily manage one single source with access to a global network and a wide range of manufacturing capabilities.

Linkeight covers the contract manufacturing, the logistics and you pay in your currency.

Making Global sourcing as easy as buying from a local supplier. 

Small Batch & Mass Manufacturing

Custom solutions to match your every requirement with transparent pricing from our supplier network.

Factory Selection & Vetting

Reliable manufacturing partners to ensure the highest quality at the lowest possible price.

IP Protection

We work with vetted partners to protect your IP at every stage of the process.

What is

Strategic Sourcing?

Strategic sourcing is the process of developing channels of supply at the lowest total cost, not just the lowest purchase price. It expands upon traditional purchasing activities to embrace all activities within the procurement cycle, from specification to receipt and payment of goods and services.

Linkeight is a New Zealand based company helping manufacturers compete globally through Strategic Sourcing.

Using the latest technologies and production services we dramatically reduce total cost while successfully managing the risks associated with global manufacturing.

Founded in 2009 on over 40 years of manufacturing experience throughout China and around the world, we also bring 25 years of experience on the ground in China. We specialise in mitigating the risks associated with the legal, cultural and logistical complications that inevitably arise, causing businesses to stumble. We are here to ensure companies are not seriously jeopardised nor experience months of recovery when a manufacturing or sourcing decision with China is unsuccessful.

Our team is supported by associated networks of quality assessed factories and specialists making us highly knowledgeable and our partnerships with clients mutually beneficial. 

Our Process

We spend the time with you upfront so we clearly understand your product requirements. For contract manufacturing, this is a critical part of our process and allows us to employ end-to-end process management to monitor the production process in detail through effective quality controls.


Contract Manufacturing Strategic Sourcing

Core Process

When trading with China, we engage eight core services at various points throughout our process.

  1. Factory selection and auditing
  2. Pricing assessment and negotiation
  3. Quality assurance processes
  4. End-to-end project management
  5. Communication and translation services
  6. Management of legal and fiscal activity
  7. Cultural and international relations
  8. Logistics and delivery


We give our customers full control over the production of their products with a four step approval process.

  1. Acceptance of proposal and contract engagement
  2. Sample or pilot sample approved
  3. Pre-production run
  4. Approval to manufacture or re-order

Production Monitoring

To identify problems or risks early Enveloping the four step approval process is our customised and intensive production monitory system. Unnecessary delays, cost overruns or miscommunications are avoided.


A New Zealand engineer evaluates all manufacturing processes and control systems for each factory. We carefully assess factory capabilities and management systems, production processes and policies, quality control systems, record keeping and social compliance


Regular factory visits ensures adherence to specifications. Quality assurance is achieved through pre-production, first article, in-process and final product inspections.


Prior to shipment, packaging specifications are checked and sample product is inspected.

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