Factory Assessment

Factory Assessment


For services specific to your business or assistance with a project already in progress, at Linkeight we work with your company on a one-on-one basis.

Our decades of experience in China has highlighted the many complexities and frustrations New Zealand businesses have when trying to engage with offshore manufacturers. Quite simply, it has been too hard. It is these roadblocks that sparked the start of Linkeight and keeping that fast-track road to China open for local entrepreneurs is what keeps us going.

It would be our pleasure to be your eyes and ears on the ground in China for factory selection, quality assurance assessment or general Chinese communications.

If you are hitting roadblocks with your current Chinese efforts, let’s talk and see where we can help.


Flexibility and assurance


When we consult in China, our services are based on our assessment at a single point in time to the best of our combined skill, ability and experience.

Standard Services

We offer the following standard services for factory selection and qualification based on our customised processes

  • Company Information and Legal Status Report
  • Factory Capability Assessment
  • Factory Qualification Assessment
  • Production Monitoring

If you engage us to qualify a factory for production via one of our standard processes above, you will be given a report of our findings, including relevant photographs, videos or copies of documentation.

Customised Requirements

If you need assistance with an existing project, we can work with you on a one-on-one basis.


Timeframes for consultancy work are estimated at the time of engagement. In most cases, reports are delivered within 5 working days from factory visit or assessment.

Negotiable fees

Our consulting rates vary and are influenced by a wide range of factors. Set out below is a summary of some of our key considerations and influences.

Simple daily rate

A daily rate is agreed based on the scope of the assignment and an estimated total number of days for completion. Reasonable expenses are reimbursed at cost in addition to the basic daily rate.

Fixed price

A fixed price for successful completion of clearly specified deliverables may be offered depending on the scope of work and end date.

Time and Materials basis

An agreed hourly rate is entered into based on personnel experience and any related expenses incurred. Outsourced suppliers  or subcontracted services are charged to the client at cost. 

Contracts specify the key deliverables and regular progress reviews assure the client that key requirements are being met.

Partner With Linkeight

We take the heat, you make the gains. Our business and support systems manage the risk of dealing with global manufacturers.

When partnering with Linkeight you can have the confidence your business will receive professional service standards, product quality and at the best price.

Ready to go global?

Let’s Talk

With offices in New Zealand and Shanghai, we are in the unique position of always having someone on the ground in both centres to give you faster, more accurate information and engagement.

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