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Strategic Sourcing Tool kit

What is Contract Manufacturing?

This is when goods are produced by one firm, under the label or brand of another firm. Contract manufacturers provide this service to several firms based on their own or the customers’ designs, formulas, and/or specifications.

RFP for Free

Your team can’t do everything internally, and when your business needs to source a product or service from elsewhere, you might need to shop around. 

Our free Request For Proposal (RFP) template allows you to collect offers from various vendors and select the vendor that best meets your needs, both in skill and budget.

Free Insiders Guide to Supply Partner

How do you increase sales, increase your market penetration, and increase your competitiveness?

Building on over 40 years of manufacturing experience throughout China and around the world,  we have developed an “Insiders Guide” to make it easy for you to select the best manufacturing partner for you. 


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With offices in New Zealand and Shanghai, we are in the unique position of always having someone on the ground in both centres to give you faster, more accurate information and engagement.

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Receive the Insiders Guide to Selecting a Strategic Supply Partner, along with several case studies of how Linkeight has increased competitiveness.