Torus Pet

Refreshing approach to business opens up opportunities for efficiency.

Nathan Lawrence, Owner and Director of Torus Pet, has spent the past two years working closely with Linkeight during an intense rebuild process for the company.

Prior to that, Linkeight CEO Jeremy supported the previous owners of the business for over seven years in various capacities. Nathan is happy to acknowledge that Jeremy’s input throughout the last 24 months has been incredibly supportive and helpful for the company as they strive to drive efficiencies and improvements.

Torus Pet design and market a range of pet products worldwide which support pet hydration. Over the past two years their focus was to look at alternative models for their manufacturing process as well as the sourcing of packaging stock.

Linkeight were referred by an engineer in Porirua. It’s been a challenging and fun journey for both companies since they first started working together, Nathan adds “Jeremy is very genuine and that counts for a lot. He’s an engineer and so he understood and had knowledge in the space we operate in from a technical perspective. His commercial acumen, connections and network in China gave me reassurance of a safety net for any decision we made regarding manufacturing. His engineering background provided an extra layer of certainty because he knew what we needed at that level too.”

For Nathan, that knowledge and experience counts for a lot, but it goes deeper than that. It’s about trust.

Like many New Zealand businesses, Nathan admits his knowledge of operations in China is limited. “Linguistically and culturally, there are many divides, but Jeremy’s professionalism and responsiveness mean those divides unite what we do rather than the opposite.”

Taking the leap of faith to move any part of a business offshore requires planning, knowledge and transparency, Nathan took his time to make sure it was the right decision for Torus Pet. He was reassured by Linkeight’s detailed briefs, regular communication, pricing transparency and their responsiveness. In short, “We were never left hanging.”

Nathan says of Linkeight “I’d recommend them in a heartbeat. If you are looking for alternative sourcing options or want to re-think an element of your production give these guys a call. We haven’t looked back since that first referral.”

“I trust Jeremy and that’s the reason we continue to work together. He looks after our assets with such a high degree of integrity and sensitivity regarding our IP and this speaks volumes about him, the person he is and the way he does business. He is really invested in us and in the relationship.” – Nathan Lawrence, Owner and Director of Torus Pet

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