New Zealand Frost Fans

Huge cost savings make Linkeight partnership a compelling offering.

Paul Maney of New Zealand Frost Fans was first approached by Jeremy, CEO and Founder of Linkeight, nearly eight years ago.

At the time he was working with distributors who assisted their business in providing smaller componentry from a few countries around the world, essential for their fan assembly. As the business grew and sales increased significantly, Paul had to look at supply chain options and costings.

Paul found himself frustrated with some of his then suppliers, as pricing for their services continued to move skywards and was becoming onerous for the business. The timing for Jeremy’s introduction proved serendipitous as Paul was already seeking options that were more competitive.

It wasn’t long before it became clear to Paul that Linkeight’s offering could be a valued service to their business. Jeremy managed to secure highly competitive prices and was able to deliver the same componentry for about half of the price. Paul decided to take a leap of faith based on Jeremy’s professionalism, willingness to help and experience working within the Chinese marketplace. He hasn’t looked back.

Fast forward eight years and Linkeight are now a regular at NZ Frost Fans warehouses. They manage their supply chain needs for their solar panels, regulators, tubes and more.

Business as usual delivers cost savings and efficiency gains for local NZ business.

Talking of the relationship Paul says, “We manufacture some 750-850 fans annually in Hastings, NZ. They are distributed throughout the country as well as worldwide. We have been purchasing several components from Linkeight for some time now. For example, solar panels, charge controllers, LED work lights and warning beacons along with a multitude of other machined, cast and pressed components custom-made for our application. We require cost effective, quality, consistent products delivered on-time and Jeremy and the Linkeight team have certainly ticked all of the boxes.”

Paul is quick to comment that working with China is a complex affair. “It’s critical that both NZ Frost Fans and Linkeight are regularly checking the quality of the shipments to ensure they meet spec and are to the standard required. Jeremy is a great advocate in this regard and will always work for NZ Frost Fans if concerns arise”.

To account for the possibility of third party error, Paul now makes sure they are always about three months’ ahead with inventory so that there is a buffer and fluidity for the business in regards to supply chain management and delivery. This is even more relevant with the onset of COVID-19 impacting global supply chains.

For NZ Frost Fans, the unique value proposition that Linkeight brings to the table is specific to the relationships they hold in China, their knowledge of factories there, their ability to visualise what’s required to bring a request to life and, most importantly, the communication between their teams on the ground in both continents.

Speaking of the partnership Paul surmises, “It’s been an interesting journey. Our relationship with Linkeight has opened doors, created opportunities and, most of all, enabled massive cost savings.”

“Linkeight now take care of the whole supply chain and relationship management for us. That takes a huge amount of pressure off me and the business. I would certainly recommend Linkeight if you are looking for a strategic sourcing/supply partner that you can rely on. I have recommended their services before and I would again,” – Paul Maney, New Zealand Frost Fans.

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