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Chris Barber, owner of Koakoa has worked with Jeremy from Linkeight across two very different businesses.

Five years ago, he engaged Linkeight to support his work at the time for Securely, for which Linkeight arranged the purchase, production oversight and delivery of their alarm systems.

Several years later, Chris has moved on to establish his own exciting new business, Koakoa, which produces and distributes world-class gin and limoncello. The total piece of mind he experienced working with Linkeight previously drove him to engage them again, this time for his own business. Chris initially contracted Jeremy to source an automated bottling label machine which has significantly helped with time efficiency. Since then Chris has also engaged Linkeight to supply their gin and limoncello bottles.

As a result of working together for over eight years, Chris and Jeremy now have a fairly seamless process in place. “We are not import specialists so having a trust partner in Linkeight means we can focus on what we do best and not be distracted by the details and logistics of importing.”

Linkeight ensures that Chris receives regular reviews ‘on the ground’ in China including pictures of the factory to reassure him of quality control and product integrity. Jeremy also offers insight, due to his many years of experience in China, regarding opportunities he observes within the supply chain from a plants and machinery standpoint. This, in turn, flows into Koakoa’s strategic planning and forecasting.

Working with Linkeight is not about cost-saving, he shares, “I could continue to use Alibaba and do it myself, but It’s about having peace of mind. Having Jeremy as a middle man is actually very financially accessible and cost-effective. What it saves us is the associated stress of dealing with potential risk or changes that we can’t see or anticipate. He shoulders those intangibles and makes them tangible. He gives us confidence to get the job done and that’s invaluable. I have referred them to many others and will continue to do so.”

“The unique value proposition that Linkeight offer is their experience. I’d been doing business with China myself and was giving it my best shot via Alibaba. I was already working via China but didn’t know anything about how to do it effectively. Linkeight knows what they are talking about and they have established and trusted relationships. We know how to make gin and limoncello but we don’t know how to do business in China, they do.” – Chris Baber, Koakoa

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