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We’ve been doing business with Linkeight for a long time, over 15 years. They source a few products for us, mostly pipe and various machine components, products that fall outside our own manufacturing capabilities. We really value their honesty and integrity; they do what they say they will do and the quality and workmanship is excellent. It’s an easy relationship. We’ve never had any major issues, but on the odd occasion when there’s been a mistake, they’ve taken ownership and worked to rectify it quickly. I dealt with one of their competitors for a while, but we constantly had quality issues, and when you tried to contact them about it they made excuses and never stood by their products. I think what sets Linkeight apart is the quality of their work, they truly stand by their products and are great to deal with. I have no hesitation in recommending them to others. In fact, we’ve talked about pursuing a joint project together and we’d be happy to explore that further.
Campbell Easton
Managing Director, Metalform
The process we went through with Linkeight to get to the final product was great. Quality is where we wanted it and the shipping & ordering process is working well. The feedback loop and communications with Jeremy is also great. We have easily made improvements and changes like sending in crates as initially soft boxes wasn't right, and making smaller shipment volumes work at lower than expected frequencies is all great customer service from our perspective
Steve Guiness
Founder, Espresso Corp
Our core business is about providing world class monitored alarm systems. We are not import specialists so having a trusted partner in Linkeight means we can focus on what we know best and not be distracted by the logistics and detail of importing. We also know the landed price we agree with Linkeight is all that we will pay so their service offers Securely ‘total peace of mind’ which is aligned with our ambitions as a business - the peace of mind company
Chris Barber
General Manager, Securely
When I first met Jeremy from Linkeight with my YouBike project, I was impressed with his care and diligence to the design. He takes his time to understand your world. Whether you are a big or small innovator, and looking for a way forward into the big mean world, I would recommend Linkeight to get your job done..
Clem Thorne
Dezign Imagineering
Linkeight’s flexibility and can do approach allowed Heyrex to get new product to new markets and customers quickly while maintaining the highest quality. We are very pleased with the partnership given we are a small business with limited resource and their knowledge and expertise was invaluable.
Kim Goldsworthy
Founder, Espresso Corp.
Linkeight took a design for an aluminium die cast part and seamlessly organised the tooling and off tool sample parts for a moderately complex part that needed to have good structural integrity. Two years later the castings which are a cyclically stressed have had zero failures.
Andrew Rodger
Engineering Consultant

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