The Linkeight Story

Taking Number 8 Wire to the World

The Linkeight story began in 2009 in response to a pressing need of Kiwi companies wanting to manufacture offshore. We could see these companies needed to cushion the risk and fast-track success when navigating the complex nature of getting products made in China and to market. 

The company was built on over 40 years of manufacturing experience throughout China and around the world, and our team today also brings 25 years of experience on the ground in China. 

We specialise in countering the risks you face with the legal, cultural and logistical complications that inevitably arise, causing businesses to stumble. 

We are here to make sure companies like yours are not put at risk or have to go through months of recovery when a manufacturing or sourcing decision with China is unsuccessful.

The Linkeight Story

The Linkeight Story

Discover the history and story behind your trusted strategic sourcing partner - Linkeight.
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Our Process

Our Process

Learn about the steps we take to ensure every engagement is a success for our clients.
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Our Team

Our Team

Meet the Linkeight team.
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Building on a Solid Foundation

My career began as a toolmaker, and following a number of promotions I became a sales engineer. This progression gave me firsthand experience of the systems and processes required as a manufacturer to produce and deliver a product to market.

During 2005 I was employed by Southward Automotive, an automotive contract manufacturer with over 350 staff, Southwards was a 3rd generation, 100-year-old company.

The pressure from Chinese manufacturers through the early 2000s was tangible. With their ability to produce products at a cost level much lower than that of a locally made product. This led to closure of many long-standing manufacturing engineering companies in New Zealand.

The closure of the Southwards Automotive factory was imminent. I took leave and bought a one way ticket to China. I wanted to save our factory, and understand as a significant New Zealand contract manufacturer, why did we not see this coming and use it to our advantage?

Over the next 5 years, I returned to China many times. Travelling from factory to factory, city to city reviewing some of the most capable production engineering facilities I had ever seen.

From here, Linkeight was born.

Over the years it has been a privilege to develop a speciality in linking production engineering companies with Chinese factories, that offer skill sets to complement their own — enabling our team of clients to compete globally.


Jeremy Robbie,

Managing Director


From Process comes Profit

Collaboration and communication are vital to successful production in China. We spend the time with you upfront to clearly understand your product needs. For contract manufacturing, this is a critical part of our process and allows us to use end-to-end process management to monitor the production process in detail through effective quality controls.


Contract Manufacturing Strategic Sourcing


When trading with China, we engage eight core services at various points throughout our process.

  1. Factory selection and auditing
  2. Pricing assessment and negotiation
  3. Quality assurance processes
  4. End-to-end project management
  5. Communication and translation services
  6. Management of legal and fiscal activity
  7. Cultural and international relations
  8. Logistics and delivery

You Hold the Remote

We give our customers full control over the production of their products with a four step approval process.

  1. Acceptance of proposal and contract engagement
  2. Sample or pilot sample approved
  3. Pre-production run
  4. Approval to manufacture or re-order

Eyes on the Ball

To identify problems or risks early we have a four-step approval process. This process is customised for intensive production monitoring, meaning surprise delays, cost overruns or miscommunications are a thing of the past.

Factory Fit

We have a New Zealand engineer assess all production processes and control systems for each factory. This means we carefully review factory abilities and management systems, production processes and policies, quality control systems, record keeping and social compliance, so that you don’t have to.

Step by Step Checks

Our regular factory visits help us make sure designs are running to plan. We assure quality through pre-production, first article, in-process and final product inspections.

Good to Go

Prior to shipment, packaging needs are checked and sample products are inspected.

World class manufacturing networks

Our head office is based in New Zealand’s capital, Wellington and our strong team of ten specialised personnel operate directly from China and around New Zealand. Our office in Yiwu is the hub for our mobile personnel working in China which places us in the unique position of always having someone on the ground in both places. We deliver fast and accurate communication and engagement.

Our team is supported by networks of quality assessed factories and specialists meaning we have the know-how and partnerships to deliver world class products and profit to our clients.

Partner With Linkeight

We take the heat, you make the gains. Our business and support systems manage the risk of dealing with global manufacturers.

When partnering with Linkeight you can have the confidence your business will receive professional service standards, product quality and at the best price.

Our Team

Linkeight CEO Jeremy Robbie
Jeremy Robbie


Ken Robbie

Strategic Sourcing Specialist

Susan Qiu

Logistics & Production

Your Professional

Strategic Sourcing Tool kit

What is Contract Manufacturing?

This is when goods are produced by one firm, under the label or brand of another firm. Contract manufacturers provide this service to several firms based on their own or the customers’ designs, formulas, and/or specifications.

RFP for Free

Your team can’t do everything internally, and when your business needs to source a product or service from elsewhere, you might need to shop around. 

Our free Request For Proposal (RFP) template allows you to collect offers from various vendors and select the vendor that best meets your needs, both in skill and budget.

Free Insiders Guide to Supply Partner

How do you increase sales, increase your market penetration, and increase your competitiveness?

Building on over 40 years of manufacturing experience throughout China and around the world,  we have developed an “Insiders Guide” to make it easy for you to select the best manufacturing partner for you. 


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